Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello blog world! It's been a while!

Well, its official, we are now Mr and Mrs Woody Layne. Exciting, right? I think so.

We are all moved into our apartment now, and 2 weeks into a new semester of school. Being married is so awesome! It feels just normal and fun and its an all around good time. Woody's great and does dishes and laundry all the time. I am really OCD and clean the kitchen every night before I go to bed. It works out nicely.

Here's a few pics from our honeymoon, and then from the moving in process:

 Ice Cream from Rocky Mtn Chocolate Factory. SOOOOOO good!

breakfast burritos

 Our gourmet breakfast complete with Dr. Pepper

 Photo bomb

Sushi-->definitely one of our favorites. Not at this place though :(

 Getting ready to go eat steak at Outback!

After a giant shopping trip:

Our first morning in our apartment, we had a shower curtain, but no hooks. Luckily, I married and engineer :)

I will post more pictures of our whole apartment once everything is set up, and the wedding ones once we get them back!