Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wife Fail

Remember how on Sunday I wrote that Woody's birthday was the next day?

Well on Monday morning, I woke up and forgot. So I made gross eggs for breakfast, and didn't even say "Happy Birthday!" until we were walking out the door. What a fail.

We went to Red Robin with Lisa, Patrick, Britty, Brian, Blakers, and Marisa though so that was a good time. They are a crazy bunch. (The good crazy)

I attempted Dr Pepper cupcakes, like I said I was going to and they were a failure. Woody says he likes them, but I think he's just being nice. I need to find a good recipe for those. I think its a must.

Yesterday, I made Woody cinnamon and sugar waffles with strawberries, bananas, and whip cream in hopes to make up for my breakfast birthday fail. I think it did. I will post the recipe for those tomorrow...they are quite divine.

Today I want to bake something. We still have like 15 cupcakes sitting around and we don't need a sugar rush or calories, but.....I really want to make sugar cookies. Not to eat, just to decorate. Maybe I will bring them to work or something...I'll keep you updated.

I'm going to start doing posts about my favorite kitchen utensils. I'm thinking this will be a Wednesday thing, so stay tuned for that.

I love my husband. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Woody's Bday

Somebody has a birthday tomorrow:

He got to "open," one of his presents early:

(IOU for a Dodger game and Dodger dog when we're in California in August)

And we got to eat a delicious dinner tonight because tomorrow we are celebrating Woody, Marisa, Patrick, and Lisa's birthday's at Red Robin(Yummm)!

I'm pretty excited for more birthday celebration. I'm going to attempt making Dr Pepper cupcakes, which has potential for disaster. If the recipe is good though, I will post!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Love My Mum

I love my mommy.

 My parents are so cute :)

I have the best family in the world!

My mommy is one of my best friends. Before I got married, we talked everyday, or at least every other day. We still talk a lot but not as often. I can't even start telling you all the reasons she is so great because there are so many. But I owe her so much for all the love she's given me, all the things she's taught me, and all the times she's been there for me. We've done so many fun things together, and she's motivated me to do so much. Best example: she signed us up for a half marathon, which was a blast! She really is the best mom ever!


Happy Mothers Day.