Thursday, June 23, 2011

I have the best husband ever. He's so good to me, even when I'm being crazy. Once, I was having a really emotional day for no reason other than that I'm a girl, and I just kept crying, so he drove me home, took of my shoes, massaged my feet, and just let me cry. He's a good one. Also, last night he wanted to make potato salad, so we did. It was fantastic. We even had everything we needed to make it! And we ate it again for breakfast...probably not the best choice. Oh well!

We are both(especially me) really craving a vacation. We want to go to Hawaii, but that won't happen for like....ever. We can dream though. We are going to CA in August for a week or so, so we're pretty excited for that. This time we don't have to worry about a reception either. We can just relax(hopefully). I am even looking forward to the drive. Last time we did it, I actually enjoyed it, until the last hour and a half when it was 1am and we still weren't there. Thankfully Woody drove and let me sleep. Such a sweetie.

Last week Woody had his last basketball game, and they lost :( Sadly his team didn't win a game all season :( I got sushi and pizza though, so that helped him be a little happier.

On Saturday, I was in charge(along with my fabulous co-managers Rebecca and Heather) of a Tie Dye event on campus. It went really well and was a pretty popular event! We sold out of all of our shirts, and then ended right before it started to rain.  After that, Woody and I went to dinner and Gringo's, which is where we went on our first date and right after we got engaged, and we've sat in the same booth every time. That was special. After that, we went home and watched TV. We moved the TV into our bedroom for the weekend, and so after like 20 minutes, we both zonked out and slept for 3 hours. Then we woke up, went on a walk, watched Battlefield LA and then went to bed. We live a very exciting life.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I'm really good at updating my other blog, but not this one!
Anyways, married life is amazing!
We have so much fun. I love that we just get to be together every day!
Except right now because Woody picked up a shift at work, so I'm cleaning(or I will after I write this...).
He's such a sweetie. I think I'm allowed to be mushy on here since it's my blog, and your only looking at it if you want to :) But seriously. He does so many things for me. He's just so funny and cute. Love that boy.

We went to California for our open house a few weeks ago and it was a BLAST! It was so nice to be with my family and his and to be warm and go to the beach and gain 5 pounds because the food was so good! It was just fantastic. I love California.

Now we're just keeping busy with school, work, sports, etc. It's a busy life. I've been blogging a lot on my other blog and trying to get my name out there. Yesterday I had 1400 views! Which is a lot more than my normal like 30-40 per day. It was exciting. Also, I read a blog yesterday saying that you shouldn't worry about the numbers on your blog so now I'm trying to do that. haha.

We just passed midterms, so we're a little more than halfway through the semester! Once the semester ends, we'll just stay in Rexburg and work. We have plans to go to California for a week or so in August when Woody's friend Adam gets home from his mission, and we'll probably go stay in Yellowstone for a night, and maybe go camping somewhere as well. We're going to Boise for the 4th of July to be with extended family that we both have there. There will be people that both of us haven't met, so that should be fun.

We've got a new obsession. Cheese fries. Britty and Brian have a deep fryer, so Britty bribes us with fries in exchange for a Dr Pepper. This is pretty much a daily thing now. Yesterday, we made a double batch and green onions along with the usual gobs of cheddar cheese. And dipped them in ranch. mmmmmmmmmmm happiness.

That's about all that's new with us! We've been married for over 2 months now! (2 days over :) )

bundtini' these were so good

 LOVE my fam!

not sure why this is sideways. haha