Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm having the hardest time concentrating on anything school related. Next week is our last full week of classes, then the next week we have mon-wed classes and then finals. Must.Stay.Focused.

But I can't, so I just blog instead.

There's so many things I want to cook right now but because of this elimination diet...I cannot. There's even some gluten free ones I've found that look splendid! But I don't want to go spend money on expensive gluten free foods and then find out its something else. Shoot.

We bought tickets for the Harry Potter midnight showing! I am SO EXCITED! But yet so sad. I just know that as soon as its over, I will fall into a deep stage of depression. There's no more books, no more movies...nothing. Until Pottermore opens in October. But I'm not even that excited for that. I guess I just need to take a trip to Harry Potter World and then I can move on with my life...hint hint hubs. :)

Have you seen previews for Cowboys and Aliens? Hubby is obsessed. For the first 17 times I saw the preview, I thought it looked like the stupidest excuse for a movie...ever. Then, I saw a new preview that had more than just flashes of light and cowboys on horses shots, and changed my mind. Maybe it has a little bit of potential?

What movies are you excited for this summer?