Friday, October 14, 2011

6 Months!

It seems I've forgotten about this blog....which sometimes I do. BUT.
I'm back.
Hopefully I'll be better about keeping ya'll updated on our lovely lives.
We've done a lot of stuff since I last wrote....4 months ago.
So here goes.

*Finished out another semester of school. Woo-hoo!
*Went to Britty, Brian, & Marisa's graduation.
*Mommie Meri and Papito came to visit for graduation
*Emily, Matt, and my Mom came down and stayed with us for a few days too
*We went to Boise for the 4th and I got to meet a lot of Woody's extended family, and spend some time with mine
*Went to California for 10 days and had a blast! (You can see pictures here and here)
*Went camping twice
*Went swimming at the lake lots and got sunburned
*Cooked a lot of new recipes
*Worked out a lot(I finally started running again. Yay!)
*Went to Washington for the twinners baby blessing
*Went to Boise for Ali's mission farewell
*Started another semester of school
*I chopped like 4 inches off my hair
*Celebrated 6 whole months of marriage last Sunday! Woo woo!
*Booked ourselves all day everyday so we are super busy!

I guess we haven't done that much stuff, but it's been a lot of fun! We love being married. I'll try and keep up with this more :) But you can always check out my other blog here, which I update more frequently, but not necessarily about us.

Us at a Dodgers game in CA. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lundy Lake

In August, we got the chance to go to Lundy Lake with Woody's family while we were in California. Apparently, it's been a family tradition for forever, and I've heard so many stories about it, so it was exciting to go.

Lundy Lake is pretty far from LA, where Woody's family lives, so we got to drive 7 more hours after driving the 15 hours there. It was well worth the trip though!

The "A" on the map below is where Lundy Lake is located at. 

Woody pouting because we were going to Erick Schat's and not Carl's Jr. 

Erick Schat's Bakery is an awesome little restaurant that is on the way to Lundy Lake. It's Layne family tradition to stop there on the way. They have awesome sandwiches, pastries, bread, and tons and tons of fun candies and sweets. 


Love this because it was like 5 hours from the ocean!

Davey Jones' locker

Our new tent we got as a wedding present!

It was so fun! I suggest going there if you ever get the chance.