Friday, February 24, 2012

Mango Oranges

One of the biggest things I will miss about California when we leave is the abundance of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables! There are many more options here, and they taste better than what we were eating in Idaho.
I've been able to try some new fruits and veggies as well, some that I had never heard of before.

My favorite was definitely the mango orange! You can see that the flesh is sort of two toned, with a pinker color on the outside, and the traditional orange on the inside. These oranges are incredibly sweet and juicy.  They are low in acid which makes them have a more mild taste. I just ate them plain, but I think they would taste so great in sorbet or a smoothie. These are available between November and May. If you have the chance to hunt one down, I suggest you try it. You won't regret it!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Last Valentine's Day, I was going to school in Idaho, and Woody was doing an internship in California. Luckily enough, we got to see each other over President's Day weekend, but we weren't actually together on Valentine's Day.

This year, he worked all day and got back at 7pm. He had told me what we were doing was a surprise, but also hinted that he didn't know exactly what yet.

Before he got back, I got 3 text messages:

"Grab your camera and a jacket, we gonna be outside."

"Oh and grab 2 red solo cups with ice and straws please."

"I love you. Do you mind recording the Lakers game upstairs? I think it's on ESPN."

The last one is my favorite. :)

But I recorded the game, grabbed my camera and a jacket, and then he got home and got the cups before I could.

We got in the car and he said he still didn't know where we were going, but that I wasn't allowed to look in the back seat. Then, he reached back and pulled out a beautiful bouquet of roses. This is the first time he's ever gotten me flowers. He told me before that he didn't want to buy me flowers because he felt like he had to, but because he wanted to. He also wanted it to be a surprise to me, and it totally was! I'm glad after 10 months of marriage that the time was right!

We started driving and talking about places to go to eat, and then he turned up a hill and parked. I was sort of confused, until he pulled a bottle of Dr Pepper and a bag of styrofoam containers out of the backseat. I should have known he was lying about not having anything planned!

Dr Pepper aka "The finest wine money can buy."--Woody

The town we currently live in is literally right next to LAX, so we were sitting up on a hill that overlooks LAX and watching the planes while we ate dinner. He picked up some sushi, which is one of our favorite things to eat together. We ate to the distant roar of the planes and enjoyed our yummy sushi!

These aren't the greatest photos, but regardless, it was delicious!

Then, he told me to close my eyes. While I did, I could hear him rummaging around with things. After a couple minutes, I heard him set something down, and I opened my eyes and gasped. He told me to close them again because he wasn't ready yet! So I did, then he said I could reopen them, but to make the same face I did before. I opened my eyes to see (again) a tripod with my camera on top! I've wanted one for a while, but we didn't have the funds. It was a great surprise!

We finished the night with some Coldstone ice cream-mint ice cream with fudge, caramel, chocolate chips, and Oreos!

This is the first Valentine's Day in my life that has actually been special and meant something to me, and that I've had someone to share with. Love that husband of mine!