Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things I Learned This Week

This was a week full of learning for us.

1. It's amazing to have good friends. I had to work on Monday(the day we moved) and 4 or 5 of our friends showed up to help Woody move. Luckily, they even stayed after they saw the monster stairs they had to go up. I get short of breath just walking up, I can't imagine carrying a bed or something up them!

2. Big couches do not fit through small doors. Because of this fact, we are now couch-less. Unfortunately, this was learned after the couch was carried up the aforementioned stairs. It is now living at DI. Our current seating options in our living room are our computer chair, a camping chair, the piano bench, an ottoman, or a wood kitchen chair. Holla. I also now really appreciate our couch even more after looking for a new one. My cousin gave it to us when we got married. It treated us well. Every cheap couch I've seen is disgusting!

3. Our neighbors TV is right on the other side of the wall of our bed. Enough said.

4. I now really appreciate how clean the last two apartments we've lived in were when we moved in. The cupboards in our kitchen were super gross! They are now sanitized, cleaned, and lined, so we're good.

5. Having a unique apartment is the best. Even though the building we live in is over 100 years old, it is so fun.  Our apartment has wood floors in the living room and painted walls! I love it.

6. Living right above one of the busiest streets in town is not the greatest. We sleep with our windows open since we don't have AC. Every night, we've gotten woken up by random things-a really loud motorcycle, a random guy vacuuming in one of the shops across the street, etc.

7. Living on Main Street is the greatest(I know this totally contradicts #6). We can walk almost anywhere! The other night, we walked to the grocery store with our reusable bags. We haven't done that since last summer,and before that when we were dating. I love it.

8. Having the motivation and energy to unpack after an awful night's sleep(see #6) and working all day is really difficult. It's coming together though, I think we'll have things unpacked by the time school starts. And I sure hope so because after that, it probably won't happen!

9. I love my hubby. I didn't actually learn this this week, but just was reminded of how great he is(not that I need reminding). He is just such a hard worker. We spent a bit of last Saturday cleaning our old apartment, but we could only do so much with everything still in there. He spent the rest of Monday(after moving) cleaning the rest of the apartment by himself. He then spent the next three days cleaning from 8am to 6 or 7pm for a company in town. He also will clean more tomorrow. He also cut two of his fingers open pretty bad when they were moving and has still been cleaning and such. He's just a good one. Sorry for being sappy. I just love him.

10. For everything that doesn't work out, something else will. We had so many things fall through or not work out during this whole moving process, but then something better ended up working out. It was incredibly stressful in the meantime, but this whole move has turned out to be such a blessing. Once we get our check from the people who bought our washer/dryer and get everything moved in, I will officially be able to take a chill pill and stress a lot less.

11. There's almost nothing a good nap, a trip to the gym and a cherry coke can't cure. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Inception Dream

I had to write this down before I forgot about it.

Last night, I had an "Inception," dream. In the movie, they have dreams inside of dreams.

I don't remember a whole lot from the first dream, but I know that I was British and "popular."

When I "woke up" from the first dream(so I was still asleep) I dreamed that I was telling everyone about my British dream. I said, "I dreamed that I was British and popular. So pretty much I dreamed that I was Hannah."

Hannah is my friend who was born in England and is amazing. I hung out with her right before I went to bed, so I suppose it makes sense.

Anyways. I woke up in real life and remembered this dream and almost laughed out loud. So weird and random. But still hilarious!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Sunday Drive

This is becoming a fun tradition.We drive to a random place on Sundays and take pictures. Me likey.  This was last Sunday's excursion. We were trying to find a ghost town, but later learned that said "Ghost town," actually was just a few run down buildings.

I'm a little obsessed with sunflowers/black eyed susans this summer. 


 There was actually gas in this abandoned gas station!

we are moving!

Currently we live at University Village, but we are moving in 2 weeks. Our contract was supposed to be up in December, so we were planning on moving then to save money and downsize. We decided to just post our contract on the bulletin board for the school just to see if anything happened. 

We had someone contact us that same day, so we started looking for something cheaper. We heard from more people who wanted our apartment, and we kept looking for one ourselves. There were a few we were interested in, but they just didn't seem like the right fit. Nothing was really working out, so last Thursday we pretty much gave up and decided to stay in our UV apartment and look again closer to December. I got off work at 5, so I went to go visit Woody because he wasn't done yet. Both of us had been checking Craig's List every 20 minutes or so for the last couple days. I hadn't checked it for a few hours, because I had given up. 

When I showed up at his work, he had a phone number for me to call. It was an apartment right in our price range, close to campus, close to the grocery store, close to the cheap theatre, close to our favorite frozen custard place and it had pretty much everything we wanted. There wasn't a washer or dryer, but we were willing to sell ours. 

I called the girl and set up a time to go see the apartment that night. We walked in and I instantly fell in love. The living room was twice the size of ours now and had wood floors. The walls were painted textured tans and creamy browns instead of the stark white we were used to. We told them right then that we wanted it. We called the manager and set up a time the next morning to sign the contract and pay our deposit, and after that, everything was set. 

We still aren't for sure what day we are moving, but it will be either the 30th or the 1st. I'm sooooo excited! This new place has so much more of a personality than anywhere I've lived before(besides my CO home :) ).  The manager said we could paint the walls if we wanted. I don't know if we will, but even having the freedom to do so makes me happy. 

I've already started packing things up because I am so excited! And because it's coming up so soon. 

Here is our last apartment:

And here is the grand tour of our apartment now with commentary by me: 

PS I know no one else probably cares about this, but someday when our kids ask where we used to live, here is evidence. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


There are two things I am super duper excited for right now. 
1. Conference 
2. Christmas

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the entire year. Fall for me is the end of September to the end of December, so my dates are a little off, but that's okay. 

The bad thing about Rexburg is that Fall lasts for about a week. Then it's freezing and wet and miserable for the next 7 months. 

I am excited for Conference because in April, I had to work during the Saturday session. I'm excited to relax, be inspired, and eat cinnamon rolls. 

Everything about Fall is perfect. 

Here's what I love the most: 

1. Anything pumpkin 
2. Apple cider/hot chocolate 
3. Soup 
4. Chilly air 
5. The leaves changing 
6. Running through the leaves 
7. Conference & cinnamon rolls 
8. Rain 
9. Christmas music(I listened to some today...)
10. My birthday 
11. Being able to wear clothes in my apartment because it's not 1000 degrees
 12. Thanksgiving 
13. Boots, hats, scarves, tights, peacoats, etc 
14. Christmas
15. Christmas Eve
16. Snow (Not kidding. We didn't get hardly any last year!) 

I also am excited for Les Miserables to come out this year. If it's done well, I will probably cry and then go see it again the minute I leave the theatre. Les Mis has been my favorite musical/music since birth. Pretty much. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Hairy Situation

Yesterday at work I had a little bit of spare time, so I played around with Instyle's Hair Makeover.

Here is the original picture I used: 
This is my favorite color my hair has ever been. I need to live closer to Cheryl! 

Here you have:

The Good

This is my all time favorite

I don't know about the color, but I like the cut.

I wish this was my hair. Love the color and cut

Looks especially nice with my natural hair sticking out the back 

Not a huge fan of the color, but I like the cut/style

The hair over the flowers is a nice touch 

I did a really bad job of making this look natural on the picture, but I really like this cut/color/style. 

The Bad

50's much?

This is the reason why I don't have bangs. Ew. 

Love the blonde poking out the back 

Farrah(seriously this is her hair)

The blonde bangs are a nice addition

Too round

& The Ugly 

Ms Piggy

Um. No. 


Everything about this is so wrong

Lady Gaga.

On a side note, we are painting our kitchen table this color! Loving it so far.