Saturday, September 29, 2012

pictures from my phone: volume 3

bronco sneaking under the fence

from justin. "disaster waiting to happen."

justin's halloween costume last year. wolverine. 

mom & justin in leavenworth, wa

justin's beer maid apron he made

blake & bronco hanging out

from mom.  "chloe loves doing laundry."

from mom. "emily said this is like when you had family in a communist country and can't visit them."

matt is an eagle scout!

from mom. "Jethro!"

cute grammy when she was leaving the hospital

grapes from my parents garden! amazing.

from mom. "sleepy girl!!"

our old house in boise.

1. from mom "he was laying down with the plum in front of him."

2. "then he heard chloe walking toward him and he put the plum in his mouth"
(occasionally my mom sends me little photo journals w/stories about my dogs. haha)

giant squash

from mom. "chloe scores redhots."

mom made a ton of applesauce!

bronx was a stray before we got him. we always make fun of some quirks he has and say they are things he learned on the streets. whenever he tries to dig in the trash, he won't touch the outside. he just balances on his legs and then reaches his head in. caption: bronx brushing up on his street skills. 

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