Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things I love

1. Walking through crunchy leaves 
2. When I feel really productive and like I got a lot done and then realize the next day that I didn't do any homework 
3. Netflix. I watched all of 30 Rock, and now I'm halfway through Parks and Recreation. There are lots of LOL moments. 
4. Sore legs. I did a killer leg workout the other day and I'm really feeling it. While walking up/down stairs and getting in/out of chairs makes me want to die, I like feeling like I accomplished something 
5. Family. Emily(sister) is up here now for school and Justin(brother) is coming tomorrow! Yay. 
6. Moms. I call mine all the time. She is swell. 
7. Clothes that just came out of the dryer. Ahhhh
8. Clean sheets. You can really feel the difference. 
9. Dry Shampoo. This was made for people like me. aka people who hate washing their hair. 
10. A clean kitchen. This is something I will have tomorrow. 

I rediscovered this picture I took in SLC last December. I quite like it. 

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